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     I feel that my role as a teacher is one of facilitator.  Children are encouraged to experience learning through a hands-on learning environment and to research their questions.  My role is to serve as a mentor and to guide them through the research and discovery process. I feel strongly that instruction should be activity-based, not textbook driven, and it should engage students as they experience all aspects of learning.  I also feel that students should take ownership of learning, therefore, students are taught to work in small, flexible groups and to actively discuss and explore new ways of thinking by sharing their thinking with others.

     Listed below are a few of our work samples and projects. Please visit the Cornerstone link to see the exciting things we have done in Reading and Writing Workshop.

Student participate in math stations. Here
the student is practicing two digit subtraction.

Students learn about the surface
of the moon and what happens
when a meteor comes in contact 
with the surface of the moon. 


Students learn about 3-dimensional
shapes (solid figures) as they construct
shapes from a net. Students investigate
the names of the shapes, explore their  
plane shapes, angles, vertices,
and number of edges.

Students use manipulatives,
such as Lucky Charms cereal,
to record data and construct
a pictograph. Students then  
record three observations about
their graph and then share it with a peer.



Students explore life cycles by
first learning the many parts of a seed.
Students integrating writing through
Science by explaining how the parts of  
a seed work together to help the seed
sprout into a new, baby plant.

Students use the surface of their
desk as a dry-erase board. Here the
student demonstrates their understanding
of time and explains why time is   
referred to in quarter hours.



Students participate in Internet based learning activities. Here students participate
in the Oreo Cookie project. Students stack Oreo cookies and then record how tall their
Oreo cookie tower was by measuring in inches and centimeters. Students then roll their   
Oreo and measure the distance traveled in yards and meters. The results of student
work is then used to create a class graph.



Students explore the phases of the 
moon by recreating the eight moon
phases using Oreo cookies.

Students explore addition as they 
use the poem Band-Aids by Shel Silverstein
to explore how many band-aids the
character from the story used .


Students explore constructing a 
picture-graph using M&M candies.

Students listen to the story Jack and
the Beanstalk
and then explore
estimation using jellybean candies.


Students explore the regions of Georgia 
(Appalachian Plateau-sugar cubes, 
Ridge & Valley - Frito scoops,
Blue Ridge Mountains - Hershey Kisses, 
Piedmont - Trolley Rocks, Coastal - Wheat
Thins, and use blue school glue to create
our state's marsh lands.








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