African American Inventors Project


Did you know that Lewis Howard Latimer created the carbon filament found in the light bulb?

Our class is currently participating in a Black History Project on African American Inventors.  Due to the impact of the media on society, students have become very aware of famous African Americans such as Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan but know very little about the scientific contributions made by African Americans throughout history.  Therefore, second grade students will focus their research on African American inventors.



Directions for the Black History Project were sent home on Wednesday, February 7, 2007 along with rubrics.  Students will receive two grades during the course of this project.  Students will receive a grade in Social Studies as well as a grade in Language Arts.  

This is a three-part project.  Students will be responsible for a written report, visual presentation, and an oral presentation.  During the oral presentation, students will NOT be able to read from their written presentation.  It is important that students rehearse well and are prepared for their oral presentation.

Did you know that Madame C. J. Walker was a cosmetic manufacturer and the first female millionaire?


The Black History Project is due Monday, February 26th.  Projects will not be accepted after February 27th (no exceptions).

Project Resources
Project Directions
This is the letter to parents explaining the purpose of the project as well as the requirements for the three part presentation. 
(PDF Format)
These are the Rubric created for the Language Arts and Social Studies component of the project.  Please follow the rubric to ensure that your child receives the highest possible score.  You want to complete all the requirements indicated under the column marked "4".
(PDF Format)
List of African American Inventors
This is a comprehensive list of African American inventors.  




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